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Indulge in Luxury: Destination Weddings in Mexico's Bliss

Our personalized catering and planning service, brought to you by Ambrosía,
introduces you to Mexico's premier resorts, partnerships, City's Top Chefs
and local highlights, all curated by insiders.

Our services

We craft timeless celebrations steeped in tradition,
infused with joy and glamour,
ensuring an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Haute cuisine

With over 40 years in Mexico, we are pioneers in the creation and organization of culinary experiences, transforming food and beverage services throughout the country.

We collaborate with the best chefs in Mexico to always stay at the forefront and make your event an unforgettable day.

Venue selection

Our solid long-standing connections and collaborations in the wedding industry provide us with exclusive access to products and venues throughout the Mexican Republic that you'll need to see to believe.


We have an exclusive line of luxury decoration and furniture that cannot be found anywhere else, thanks to our allied suppliers who set the course of the events industry.

Destination weddings

Our passion for creating unforgettable weddings and events in Mexico takes us far beyond its beautiful capital. Yes, we offer services in other destinations! Our expertise in event planning and design spans some of Mexico's most enchanting locales.

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